The honest and hard working police officers

October 13, 2007

I was driving from KLCC to Shamelin after met Jane at 1.30am today and i was stopped by a police road block. Few police officers conducted searches on my car. They checked the car road tax first then the condition of the passenger. As usual, i rolled my car window down and one of them looked at me…..and suddenly he asked a stupid and fantastic question, “Pergi Mana?”

Where else can I go at 1.30am Midnight?????

I suppressed my inner thoughts “Pergi rompak la! Tapi kena tunggu hari Selasa sebab sekarang bank belum buka!” and answered him “balik rumah la”.

For this Raya month, i understand that the police officers will be very hardworking. One lyric that sticks in my mind:

Our police is called Mata
Because they have very shiny eyes
Once it’s New Year, they will be very hard working
Holding pens but they will rarely write you a receipt
Because they are thirsty, they need to drink tea
Also kopi-O, want to add sugar?
If they add sugar, their mouths will sweetly smile at you
When you are leaving
They will even go “Tata.”

Haha!It’s is true?


How to impress a girl?

October 11, 2007

There is few creative ways to impress a girl:

(a) In the library/college,bring a book and go to ask the girl,”excuse me,could you teach me how to pronoun this Word : “S-W-E-E-T” ;or you can ask “excuse me,could you teach me how to pronoun this Word: “H-E-L-L-O”

(b) Go to McDonald, the waitress ask you, “Morning, having here or take away?” You answer, “take away”. “What do you want to order?” You said” A cutey smile from you!”

(c) In the bus station, take out a 100 dollar go to ask the girl, “Do you have a small change? Because I would like to go to public phone to make a call to you.”

(d) In the PC fair, when the show girl holding a product which is very expensive, go to ask the girl, “Can i have a look on the product?” then play around and pretend being missed out on the floor, the girl will worry, then you say “Just kidding~~” and (continue your converstation)

(e) Go to ask the girl, “May i know what is the time now?” After she answered you, then slowly pull up your sleeves and say “Miracle!my watch also is same time with yours!Do you think that is is a fate?”

(f) Go to ask the girl, “Hi, I am doing a survey right now, do you have a boy friend?” She answered “Yes”. Then you say, “Do you mind to change one?” She may answered, “Yes, I do.” You say, “Alright, then do you mind to have a another one? :P”

(g) Go to tell the girl,”From this moment onward, 2007 October 11, 11 O’clock 11 minute 11 second, I’m your friend!You can’t deny it, because the time just now was past, it’s a fact.” 😛

I hate exam!

September 27, 2007

i hate exam
i hate exam
i hate exam…Arggggggg!!!
Thank God i passed the exam.

A innocent and funny 12-year-old girl

September 19, 2007

Today a innocent 12-year-old girl have assumed i was her friend in MSN Messenger.She added me in her contact list. She is really very funny. Let’s me show you what we talked about ~

[Scratching my head..who is joanne?]

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I know my English is poor!

September 18, 2007

I know my English is poor. Let’s look at the conversation below:

Proper English: I am a Boyzone fanatic.
Me:I am a Boyzone fan “C”

Proper English: Hey, put your wallet away, this drink is on me.
Me:No-need, lah.

Proper English: I’d prefer not to do that, if you don’t mind.
Me: Don’t want la…

Proper English: Excuse me, I’d like to get by. Would you please make way?
Me: Ex-kew me

Proper English:Excuse me, but I noticed you staring at me for some time.. Do I know you?
Me: See what, see what?

Proper English: Will someone tell me what has just happened?
Me: Why like that one ,hah?

Proper English: We seem to be in a bit of a predicament at the moment.
Me: Die-lah this time!

Question: Can you ask for sponsorship from your father ?
Me: [Cough*]Sorry, my father doesn’t have a ship.

Look Out Point Restaurant and Cafe

September 13, 2007

There is a nice place to see the magnificent night view of KL ,which is located at Look Out Point Restaurant and Cafe, Ampang. The food is good and prices are reasonable.

Night View of KL

Restaurant View

Food menu

Sizzling BBQ Chicken

Where is It?
Kompleks Pelancongan menara Tinjau ,
Jalan Ampang–Hulu Langat ,
68000 Ampang Selangor.
Map: Click Here

Do you believe in magic?

September 12, 2007

Do you believe in magic?

Anyway, i will go to watch David Copperfield show in KL next month. Hopefully i can get the ticket from vendor.

Location: Stadium Negara

Time: 30th Oct, 5pm and 830pm ; 31st Oct, 5pm and 830pm

Duration:about 2 hours

More details on ticket prices and seats:
Click here!And download the map and enlarge it.

Status:Start selling on 21st Sept, 07

Buy ticket at: Axcess outlet, or buy online at http//

Booking Hotline: 03-7711 5000

His next performance would hold at Singapore Indoor Stadium,on 2nd and 3rd November. Tickets available at SISTIC or


Update: The performances are now cancelled following the FBI investigations into David Copperfield’s alleged sexual misconduct. The organisers, however, are hoping that he would be able to still continue with the show on another date once the case has settled.

The life as a doctor

September 7, 2007

Many parents would like their children to become doctors. They always thought that there is a port of gold awaiting thier children in the future. Actually young doctors on graduation( or so called houseman) are overworked and underpaid. A government houseman starts at RM 2,1xx per month and RM 1xx per call only, and is working in excess of 80 hours a week, included Saturday and Sunday. Sometimes they have to work for 36 hours nonstop. For instance, a houseman is ‘on call’, he/she is subjected to the following working hours:
• Wednesday: 7.00am to 6pm
• 6pm to 7.00am Thrusday(On call shift)
• Thursday: 7.00am to 6pm

Therefore, don’t not ask a stupid question when a doctor comes to see you at early 5am, “Belum balik ah?”

Their life is tough and just like enter to hell. They don’t have enough time to sleep, no time for clubbing, no time to join yoga, no time for SMS, no weekend, etc.

In my opinion, there are some essential prerequisite quality to become a doctor:
(1)Have a strong immune system – you may face to the hepatitis, AIDS patients
(2) Buy a car which includes ABS, airbags – you, aka Zombie may invloved in a car crash after working on call shift of 36 hours
(3)Do not have any pets – you will have no time to care for them and it will end up in mortuary.So pity!
(4)Have a understanding spouse and family – Husband/Wife won’t shout “NOT AGAIN” when you have to go back to the hospital in middle night when you are on call.
(5)Patience – when you have a bad day because you are tired, stressed, and underappreciated, never forget that there are much worse for the patients. Your day may be suck, but you don’t have cancer!

Sometimes, it is unfair to generalise doctors as money hunger. A lot of medical students know that doctors are poorly paid and work long hours, and yet they don’t mind at all. So we shall respect our doctor and value his time. Don’t simply blame them when they make a mistake.

Being Friends After a Breakup?

September 3, 2007

We are no longer friends because we both hurt each other’s feelings
We did not become enemies because we both loved each other

After breaking up
I still recognize you
But i don’t want to see you anymore
I will not bless you
I will not deride you

We would no longer be a friend
I do not cherish you


分手之后我们还是朋友?一对原本相爱的人要分手,大多都有不得以的理由。而分手之后仍要做一对好朋友,那岂不是把过去的一些烦恼又带回现实中来?何苦呢!淡然,当然我也不赞成分手之后做敌人。 假设对方过的比你好,你会不会嫉妒呢?当对方得意地带着新友来介绍你认识,即使你表面扮作满不在乎,但却心酸在心理,你又何必呢?假设对方过得比你差,你的同情心发作时,又会为对方心痛。毕竟你两个也曾经有过一段美好的时光,面对旧恋人的失意潦倒,若忍不住伸出缓住之手,你会不会又渐渐陷入那个感情的陷阱呢?当你看到旧情人,你又怎能忘记曾与她(他)同甘共苦一起走过的日子?除非未曾刻骨铭心。否则分手还要做一对好朋友是极艰难的事情,看着她(他)与他人恩恩爱爱的,自己一定会有戚戚然的感觉,何必做戏扮有大将之风?分手不必做朋友,否则,何言分手?



如果你要我陪你聊天 喝杯茶 !



Please Don’t Assume !

August 29, 2007

Some of the people like to say, “i assume that…” Stop it!!! 

Don’t make assumptions get the facts. My manager always tell me “when you assume, you make an ass of you and me”. So before you get into the worst case, spend some time to gather the related information and not make any decision because of listening the personal perception of  someone.

Tallest Man

August 26, 2007

I saw the World’s Tallest, Youngest Man- Haq Nawaz (243.8 cm-unconfirmed height) in Bukit Bintang.Haq Nawaz who hailed from Bhawal-Pur, a remote area near Multan, Pakistan started to grow taller at an unusual pace when he was 15, causing him to suffer spinal pain, liver and feet problems.

 I wonder if he is a healthy person, he could be :

(i) a professional basketball player, same team with Yao Ming

(ii) a professional snooker player without using rests at all (Note:’rests’ often needed due to the length of a full-size table)

(iii) a soccer player,  taller than Peter James Crouch(currently plays for English club Liverpool)

However, he definitely can’t be a professional Formula 1 driver!

Hopefully he will get well soon. ~

Why Blog?

August 18, 2007

A couple of years ago, I hate blogging.  I have no idea why those people love to write blog. I remember that there is a hongkong talkshow said, “Bloggers are like a bizarre craze where people appear naked, because they like to share their secrets or photos at their blog, while read blog is a snooper”.  Even though a bit exaggerated, but sometimes it is true. Write a blog, posted personal photos, the videos actually is want to live with friends or strangers to share their lives, their personal view.

In the talkshow, there are words I feel very worthy of reflection  “Mum! You don’t understand what i say or what i want. Hmm…I lazy to explain to you,mum. I give you my blog url and you can read it”. Rely on the blog to maintain communication between the two generations sound ridiculous, but it is tragic if parents do not understand the Internet, how they going to read their son/daughter’s blog. haha.

Anyway, on a whim today to open this essay as a first post, I started a blog life,  just to share my thoughts.